November 28, 2021
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Wire Mesh Facades and Other Benefits of Versatile Mesh Products

When the Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters recently unveiled its new parking structure, drivers and community members were treated to the ultimate in modernity. The new structure features a unique building facade that is made with stainless steel woven wire mesh. The facade, supplied by a premium screening specialist, was used to veil the parking structure with a series of undulating panels.

The panels were designed to enhance the surrounding neighborhood and feature a custom colorful leaf pattern. The goal of the architects at JFAK Architects was to “allow the building to breathe, provide security, and contribute to the transformation of the area as a home of the arts.” With the help of the screening specialist from the early design stages to the final installation by Metallon Specialties, Inc., the new LAPD Headquarters parking structure does exactly that. A significant amount of the structure is underground, so it is hidden from the public view. What pedestrians will notice is the 14-foot long public Gallery on the southwest edge of the structure and the animation that is created when light and shadow interact with the facades.

The new five-story 300,000 square foot parking facility will house 800 LAPD employee and Motor pool cars. Also included is a mechanics’ garage where the LAPD vehicles can go for fuel, washing and maintenance.

Architectural mesh systems like the one found in the LAPD parking structure offer a wide array of exciting design-oriented solutions for large concrete structural projects. Their individual aesthetic features and reliable functionality are ideal for segment, roll, or frame constructions; integrated lighting systems; acoustic systems; enclosures to conceal technical installations; and fire protection. They’re also suited to veil large structures, isolating various sections of a space from others, which is one way the parking structure took advantage of them.

The parking structure also leveraged their new architectural Fasadrenovering Stockholm mesh system to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Because they can be easily designed to reflect different images, the woven wire cloth elements can appear as a work of art in itself. The area in which the structure was built has a thriving arts community, so adding an organic design of leaves produced a desirable ambience with its own elegant character. This elegance helps to attract the cultured community in the Los Angeles downtown area.

Another benefit of architectural mesh systems is their acoustic qualities, though that was not a main focus in the LAPD project. The acoustic benefits were one of the main reasons the Stadttheater in Bielefeld, Germany chose an architectural mesh ceiling solution when it underwent renovation. There, a sinuous ceiling made from MULTI-BARRETTE 8123 architectural mesh overhangs the plush red seats. The mesh’s wide arcs conceal floodlight bridges and acoustical sails, yet the ceiling is sound and light permeable. The full volume above the mesh is available for acoustic purposes. If required, the director can even integrate the mesh ceiling into his production as a backlit sky. With varying illumination, the flexible mesh ceiling is a distinctive eye-catcher. At the same time, it alters the acoustical conditions according to the different requirements of spectacles and operas.

A suitable mesh is available for every facade and ceiling design, not just those of parking structures and cultural establishments. From open specifications that meet fire security standards to dense types, every architect will find an architectural mesh system that matches his or her requirements. By combining various weave and crimp types as well as different surface characteristics, the requisite optics can be obtained from the chosen material.