November 29, 2021
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Vinyl Siding – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Vinyl is a plastic material that has become well-liked for decorating exteriors specifically siding. The majority of people choose siding made of vinyl for a variety of reasons.

  • Vinyl siding is more affordable. In comparison to other materials for siding, vinyl is somewhat more but lets users save time since it is more durable than other material that is available on the market.
  • Vinyl is more robust. There is nothing that lasts forever, not even the siding made of vinyl. However, vinyl is able to endure harsh situations better than other materials like aluminum.
  • Vinyl is available in a variety of colors. Traditionally, vinyl comes with a limited selection of colors. However, formula changes and modifications to the manufacturing process resulted in the variety of colors of vinyl that are available in the present. The majority of theseĀ Vinyl Siding colors feature more pronounced hues and tones because these colors are resistant to UV-induced weathering of the material.
  • Vinyl is more affordable. Like we said the rate of weathering and fading are less pronounced with vinyl, so consumers do not need to buy new materials from time moment to upgrade the materials they already have. This means that they will save more over the course of time.
  • Vinyl is simple to keep clean. Wood or aluminum siding should be maintained at least once each year to ensure their beauty and freshness. Vinyl siding requires maintenance once a year, and it’s as easy as spraying it with soap and water to wash away dirt.
  • Vinyl can be attractive. Vinyl siding is able to mimic wood in a very convincing way, and this is why it’s a great alternative to wood but keep the timber’s natural beauty.
  • Vinyl is simple to put up. Installing a vinyl involves simple steps that are easy to follow and the use of tools that are simple.


Your vinyl siding provider will be able to present you with options on the most affordable vinyl siding prices that fit your budget. The cost of a vinyl siding depends on its thickness, which is the similar factor which determines its quality and longevity. The general rule is that the more thick the vinyl, the stronger it will be.

The most commonly recommended thickness grades that meet the extremely durable requirements can be 0.040 (Builder Grade), 0.042 (Thin Residential; Grade),.044 (Standard Residential Grade), 0.046 (Thick residential Grade) and 0.050 (Super Thick Grade).

Vinyl siding is also available as an insulated siding. This kind of siding decreases energy consumption and enhances the insulation capacity of walls. It is also the sole available commercially lined siding that is insulated. Therefore, if you opt for this typeof siding, you will not need to put rigid foam insulation under the wall’s outside.