November 29, 2021
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Air Duct Cleaning – 5 Myths

The process of Air Vent Cleaning is hidden in mystery. The rules of thumb, the musts and ought to be. We all recognize the importance of clean, healthy air for our health, yet we often overlook the air vent’s duties. The closest we come to cleaning debris and dust that could be harmful to our lungs is dirt and dust that has been ingrained on our carpets and settling on the furniture’s surface.

As it is an almost unnoticed service, there are a lot of misconceptions that are able to sneak into the public consciousness. Here are some of the most common misconceptions.

  1. Chemicals are required to eliminate all bacteria that have accumulated in a dirty duct.

It is not true. In reality, there is no scientifically proven reason to make use of chemicals ever. Therefore, ask your service provider about the use of them prior to beginning dryer vent cleaning. A lot of chemicals that are effective in eliminating dirt from flat steel could cause harm to your health if you breathe them into, and may not be useful in the residential setting. The same goes for the use of Ozone which is dangerous for your health and is typically used to inhale fumes from vast areas of unoccupied space.

  1. It is not often necessary to contract Air duct cleansers.

Although you may not require an annual full-service or every three years, when you establish a rapport with your tried and true service provider, you must inspect your ducts at least once per year. They will be able to see and conduct tests that aren’t possible for the customer and maintain a close eye on the quality of air produced by the forced air system you have installed.

  1. Air ducts will only be used to collect dust in the air conditioning system.

Incorrect. Air ducts can be filthy within ANY forced-air system. It could be an air-conditioning system that is fresh as well as a hot-air pump system or heat exchanger system, etc. Any air-flow system that passes through ductwork and is operated via forced air is susceptible to accumulating dirt and particles.

  1. The only air conditioner unit that is equipped with de-humidifiers can generate bacteria.

Although it is true that humidity in the system is the main cause of concerns (as dust that is soaked in moisture can provide a environment for germs to breed) practically ALL AC systems come with drip tray that collects the water produced when hot air taken from the room is passed through the central vacuum cleaning. In the event that this tray’s drains become blocked or blocked, the water may get into the air-tight duct system and cause air quality issues.

  1. Air ducts that are not clean have no influence on overall health.

There are a variety of opinions on the importance of routine cleaning of air ducts, there is no doubt that bacteria in forced air systems developing as mould could decrease the quality of air we breathe and pose a threat for our wellbeing, causing us be fatigued, suffer headaches, “flu” like symptoms and can even be the trigger for asthma for children.